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7.5KW Explosion-proof air compressor

  • 7.5KW Explosion-proof air compressor

7.5KW Explosion-proof air compressor
  • Power:7.5KW
  • Volume:1.1m³/min
  • Pressure:0.8mpa
  • Noise:62dB(A)

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Product features

(1) The corresponding relationship between power grade, installation size and speed is consistent with that of DIN42673. At the same time, considering the inheritance of YB series and interchangeability of Y2 series, the necessary adjustment is made to be more effective and applicable.

(2) F grade insulation is used in the whole series, and the temperature rise is evaluated by B level. The protection level of the shell is increased to IP55.

(3) The noise limit is lower than that of the YB series, which is close to the I level noise of the YB series. The vibration limit is equivalent to that of the YB series.

(4) Low noise deep groove ball bearings are used in the whole series, and the motor is equipped with oil injection device with the center height above 180mm.

(5) The heat sink of motor has two kinds of parallel horizontal distribution and radiation distribution, mainly parallel horizontal distribution. The main performance indicators reached the international advanced level in early 1990s.

Application industry

Air compressor belongs to general equipment, widely used in steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electronics, textile, mining, chemical, petroleum, light industry, paper printing, machinery manufacturing, food and medicine, transportation facilities, casting spraying, marine wharf, automobile industry, military technology, aerospace, infrastructure, and infrastructure. Other fields

Other industries

Such as vehicle maintenance, airports, hospitals, large entertainment establishments, etc.

After sale
Screw air compressor running for 500 hours to carry out a first guarantee to replace the screw oil, air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator;

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