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Release time:2018 / 04 / 24         Author:Yu cui hong
It's fun to have friends coming from afar! Welcome Australian customers to sign the contract << Return

  On the morning of 23 04 2018, the customer from Australia visited the company of Lin Shan Hai Yi Co., Ltd., the leader of the company, gave a warm reception, and went deep into the office area, the production workshop, the finished product area, the spare parts area and the warehouse visit, and examined the staff management, safety production and product quality of our company in detail. Flow situation.

Under the lead of Bi general, first from the picture album to the product, patiently explained all the products and technical parameters of my company, according to the customer's demand price, quality and other suitable products, for the whole process customers are very satisfied!

Then go to the production workshop, the spacious and neat production workshop and the advanced products all make the Australian customers feel a stunning. Under the lead of the production staff, everyone has visited the production workshop, the technical workshop, the packaging and shipping workshop and so on. From the raw materials, production and processing to testing and packing, the whole process is strict. Order. In the production workshop, the customer saw how the machine was produced. In the debugging and testing workshop, the customer observed that each of our machines was out of the factory after strict debugging, and no details were released.!

After the detailed understanding and deep discussion of our customers, we decide to buy deep energy permanent magnet variable frequency screw air compressor, because the deep energy permanent magnet EPM series - - more than 30% power saving, high efficiency permanent magnet motor, one shaft type structure, eliminate useless power loss, more wide working frequency and low noise, get foreign countries A friend's deep love!

Once again, we warmly welcome our friends from Australia. Your suggestions and knowledge are the biggest driving force for us to move forward.!

It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar!