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Release time:2018 / 05 / 14         Author:Yu cui hong
Seven important matters needing attention in maintenance of air compressor << Return


空压机After use, a regular air compressor is requiredIn the maintenance process, we need to pay attention to some matters. Let's talk about seven matters needing attention for air compressor maintenance.:

  1. To break off  In the maintenance and replacement of the components, it must be determined that the pressure in the air compressor system has been released, separated from the other pressure sources, the switch on the main circuit has been disconnected and the safety sign is not allowed to be closed.

2.The replacement time of the lubricating oil for the oil changing compressor depends on whether there is any acid-base gas in the environment, humidity, dust and air. The new purchase air compressor first run for the first time 500 hours to replace the new oil, after the normal oil exchange cycle every 4000 hours a replacement, the annual operation of less than 4000 hours of the machine should be replaced once a year.

3.Oil filter oil filter must be replaced for 300-500 hours on the first starting operation, second times for 2000 hours replacement, and then change every 2000 hours at normal time.

4.It is important to prevent any debris from falling into the compressor main chamber when repairing and replacing air filters or intake valves. When the operation is done, the main entrance is closed. After the operation is completed, the circle should be rotated by hand according to the rotation direction of the main engine.

5.The belt should be checked for the tightness of the belt on the machine for 2000 hours or so. If the belt is loose, the belt must be adjusted until the belt is tensioned. In order to protect the belt, the belt should be prevented from being abandoned due to oil pollution during the whole process.
6.Replace the oil filter when replacing each oil change.
7.Replace parts as far as possible with original parts of the company, otherwise there will be a matching problem and the supplier will not be responsible.

      The above are seven matters needing attention in the maintenance of air compressors. I hope you will pay attention to the maintenance process.