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1.5KW piston air compressor

  • 1.5KW piston air compressor

1.5KW piston air compressor
  • Power:1.5KW
  • Volume:0.17m³/min
  • Pressure:0.8mpa
  • Noise:62dB(A)

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Product features

High efficiency motor---With the service coefficient motor, the efficiency of air compressor is improved while reducing energy consumption.

Precision main parts---The key parts of the main engine are processed by CNC, ensuring machining accuracy and ensuring mainframe life.

Current protection---Current overload protection and pressure overload protection to prevent overloading of machines.

Special lube oil---Adopting special air compressor lubricating oil, reducing friction and friction resistance, reducing friction resistance to save energy and reduce wear to prolong machine life and increase economic benefits.

Application industry

Air compressor belongs to general equipment, widely used in steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electronics, textile, mining, chemical, petroleum, light industry, paper printing, machinery manufacturing, food and medicine, transportation facilities, casting spraying, marine wharf, automobile industry, military technology, aerospace, infrastructure, and infrastructure. Other fields Other industries

Other industries

Such as vehicle maintenance, airports, hospitals, large entertainment establishments, etc.

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