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  • engineering design

    Number of recruits:1People           Working area:Shenzhen


    Post duties

    1.Responsible for the design of the air - press box board.

    2.Developing new products of air compressor;

    3.Responsible for material opening;

    4.According to the drawings, cooperate with the workshop, complete the related guidance work;

    Tenure requirements

    1.College degree or above, more than 2 years working experience;

    2.Interested in machinery, men first

  • Net sales Merchandiser

    Number of recruits:1People           Working area:Shenzhen


    Post duties

    1.According to the company's strategy and sales plan, formulate corresponding sales strategy to achieve sales target in the region.;

    2.Develop new markets, develop new customers, increase sales scope, complete sales plan and achieve team performance.;

    3. Responsible for the daily reception of the customer and the documentary;

    4. According to feedback from front-line sales staff, propose product and process optimization proposals to the upper level of the company.;

    5. Completing work report and related business reporting。

    Company treatment

    1.The company can provide accommodation

    2.There is a restaurant in which Chinese food and dinner are provided free of charge.

    3.Provide employees with five risks and performance bonuses

    4.The company organizes tours and meals on a regular basis

    5.Please inquire about salary and bring your resume to our company for interview.