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The company has a huge sales and service network across the country and has established close cooperation partners with Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia, and other multinational companies to provide "door-to-door" more professional, faster, more intimate pre-sale, Sales, after-sales service, so that each user to obtain the maximum value of product use.

  • The air compressor stopped suddenly in operation Open

    The reason is:
    (1)The suction pressure is too low, lower than the lower limit value of the pressure relay.;
    (2)High exhaust pressure causes high voltage relay to cut off power.;
    (3)Low oil pressure, oil pressure relay action relay;
    (4)Motor overload, thermal relay action relay;
    Elimination method:
    (1)Check the reasons for pipeline blockage to smooth the pipeline, such as inadequate refrigerant supplement.;
    (2)Check the cooling capacity of the condenser or the cooling air volume;
    (3)Inspection of oil pipeline and oil pump;
    (4)Check whether the power supply voltage is low or the cold load is too large;

  • Exorbitant exhaust compression Open

    The reason is:
    (1)The cooling capacity of the water cooled condenser is insufficient or the cooling air volume of the air-cooled condenser is insufficient;
    (2)The scale of condenser tubes is too thick or the oil is too thick to cause heat dissipation;
    (3)There is air in the refrigeration system;
    (4)Overdosage of refrigerant;
    (5)The valve in the exhaust pipe fails, causing too much pressure;
    Elimination method:
    (1)Check whether the valve is fully open, increase the supply of water or check the motor voltage, speed, and whether the transmission belt is loose.;
    (2)Clean the scale, wash the oil and clean the surface of the condenser tube cluster;
    (3)Release the air;
    (4)Expel superfluous refrigerants;
    (5)Check the correction valve;

  • Shi Chongcheng of air compressor Open

    The reason is:
    (1)Thermal expansion valve failure and large opening;
    (2)When the solenoid valve fails, a large number of refrigerants enter the evaporation pipe after shutdown, and then enter the air compressor when it starts again;
    (3)Overdosage of system perfusion refrigerant;
    (4)The expansion of the thermal expansion valve loose package is not tied, resulting in thermal expansion valve opening degree increased
    Elimination method:
    (1)Close the supply valve and repair the thermal expansion valve;
    (2)Repair solenoid valve;
    (3)Releasing superfluous refrigerants;
    (4)Check the binding of temperature sensitive bag;

  • Air compressor die Open

    The reason is:
    (1)Dirty impurities in the lubricating oil;
    (2)The blockage of the oil pump pipe causes the piston of the cylinder to be stuck.;
    (3)The handle pin of the oil pump main gear is inserted into the crank to break, causing the oil system to break off the oil;
    Exclusion methods:
    (1)Replace the new lubricating oil;
    (2)Maintenance of oil pump pipeline;
    (3)Repair and replace the main gear axle of the oil pump;

  • The compressor unit has been unloaded after loading Open

    The actual production air consumption is greater than that of the compressor group, and the compressor unit has been in operation.
    ● Check whether there is wind leakage in the connection pipe network.
    ● Check whether the unloaded solenoid valve is operated or damaged.
    ● Check the tight closure of the intake valve of the compressor unit.
    ● Check whether there is leakage in the drain valve of gas water separator.
    ● Check whether there is internal leakage in safety valve and separator.

  • The oil consumption is too large or the compressed air is contained in the oil. Open

    Too much refueling. If the oil level is too high, the air will involve the oil in the separator oil into the compressed air. The oil content in the compressed air is exceeding the standard. So the amount of refueling should be controlled under the yellow line on the red line.
    ● The minimum pressure spring failure leads to low opening pressure, excessive pressure difference before and after the separator, the high oil and gas mixing air flow in the tank, and the oil liquid condensed on the separation filter core of the cylinder wall and the oil separator will be taken away by high speed air flow, thus affecting the separation effect of oil and gas.
    ● Oil filter separator core blockage or damage, inspection and cleaning necessary replacement.
    ● Oil separator back oil pipe block, check cleaning.
    ● The air cooler system is leaked, checked, repaired and leaked.
    ● The time of use of oil is overdue and the oil quality is deteriorated. Clean the compressor unit and replace the qualified oil.